We will not be holding the proper big Perv Queerotic Film Festival this year. Instead we will be having one super great screening and panel on Friday 26th November. Big thanks to all the filmmakers that have already submitted their fabulously dirty films for this year’s festival. We will keep your films for consideration for our proper festival next year.


Perv Queerotic Film Festival 2015 Program


26th – 29th November @ The Red Rattler Theatre

Tickets and Festival Passes available online now!

Shorts Comp Neurosex002

OPENING NIGHT: Perv International Shorts Competition ***FINALISTS ANNOUNCED***

Thursday 26th November

Doors 7pm for 7.30pm start

Funny, thought provoking and sizzlingly hot. This year’s collection of the best smutty shorts from Australia and across the globe has got it all. You’ll laugh, you might cry, you will definitely feel things all over.

The finalists are:

Neurosex Pornoia: Episode 2 (Abigail Gnash & Eric Pussyboy, Germany)

Sindy Skin’s Home Kinks (Sindy Skin, Australia)

Campos de Castilla (de Karmen Tep & Urko Post-Op, Spain)

been too long at the FAIR (Charles Lum & Todd Verow, USA)

Guy Next Door (Pradipta Ray, India)

Hello Titty (Skyler Braeden Fox, Germany)

Support Your Local Pornographers (Toytool Comiteé, Spain)

Put The Needle on the Record (Shine Louise Houston, USA)


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(Photo: Neurosex Pornoia: Episode 2)

Airport unnamed-1


Berlin: Then and Now 

Friday 27th November

Doors 6.30pm for 7pm start

Airport (1994) and Shutter (2014) are two films from Berlin that manage to capture the spirit of the time and place they were made. In 1994, Manuela Kay and Silke Dunkhorst made the now classic Airport. Opening at the titular (Tegal) Airport, we see flight attendants engaging in some inflight entertainment in the toilets. From here we follow them to one of the city’s very active sex clubs where we meet some dreamy leather dykes. In 2014 Goodyn Green made Shutter, a collection of beautifully shot and orchestrated scenes that reflect the freedom of contemporary queer Berlin.

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(Photos: Airport – photo credit Christiane Pausch & Shutter)


Spotlight: Antonio Da Silva

Friday 27th November

Doors 9pm for 9.30pm start

Antonio Da Silva is an award-winning Portuguese artist and filmmaker based in London. His films explore such topics as cruising and public sex, internet hook ups, performance and voyeurism. Stylistically diverse, these films draw together elements of narrative, documentary and art cinema to create poignant, erotic and politically astute considerations of gay male sexuality. As Da Silva himself says ‘the penis can also take part in poetry’.

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(Photo: Solos)


CLOSING NIGHT: Coming Out Like a Porn Star – Book Launch and Panel Discussion 

Sunday 29th November

Doors 5pm for 5.30pm start

Porn and sex work stigma deeply affects the lived experience of porn professionals. To launch the publication of Coming Out Like a Porn Star, a collection of essays on pornography, protection and privacy edited by prominent porn performer Jiz Lee, Perv will bring together a panel of local porn industry professionals to discuss their own experiences of ‘outness’ in their intersections of identities. The panel will be chaired by Zahra Stardust. She and Gala Vanting will also be reading their work from the book and will be available for book signing during the event.

Single Session Tickets:

(Photo: Book cover)

Ticket Prices

Single Session: Full $17, Concession $12 + booking fee & NOTAFLOF

Festival Pass (access to all four sessions): Full $59, Concession $39 + booking fee. Get them here:

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Perv Queerotic Film Festival 2014 Program


Perv 2014 is on. And it’s going to be another hot one folks.

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Fuck Dolls - Comp event + perv coverThursday 13th November
Perv International Shorts Competition
Doors: 6.30pm/Start 7pm
Tickets: $15/$10 + booking fee



Perv brings you the cream of this year’s smutty cinematic crop in a package of filthy queer short films from Australia and around the world.


Gingers (Antonio Da Silva, UK)

Queen Bee Empire (Samuel Shanahoy, USA)

Pix (Antonio Da Silva, UK)

Want Some Oranges (Goodyn Green, Germany)

de-railed (Quinn Cassidy and Irina S., USA)

Fuck Dolls (Zahra Stardust, Australia)

A Weekend in Germany (Jan Soldat, Germany)


cruisestill02Friday 14th November
The End of Cruising
Doors: 6.30pm/Start 6.50pm
Tickets: $15/$10 + booking fee
Trailer (NSFW):


Renowned underground filmmaker Todd Verow’s new documentary The End of Cruising is a fascinating exploration of how changes in urban planning and technology have brought about the ‘end’ of cruising as we once knew it. In a series of short films, it explores different cruising spots in the US, UK and Europe through stories told by the men who have frequented them (including some very active ones in the former World Trade Center). It’s political, it’s sexy and at times sexually explicit. The End of Cruising is a timely examination of gay male cruising and public sex.
Love Hard event + perv coverFriday 14th November
LOVE HARD + Live Q&A with director Gala Vanting and cast

Doors: 8.30pm/Start 9pm
Tickets: $15/$10 + booking fee


LOVE HARD is a work of docu-portraiture from Sensate Films about BDSM and intimacy. In its inquiry into the loves and lives of 5 subjects, it presents unique, articulate, and thoughtful perspectives on how kink can function in our lives – as a practice of art or intimacy, as a mode of expression or release, as an iteration or an obliteration of self, as a way to play, a way to fuck, a way to love, a way to be ordinary.

The Red Ratter Theatre
6 Faversham St, Marrickville

Limited tickets to all sessions available at the door.

Perv Queerotic Film Festival Program 2013


Tickets available online now!

Join Perv Film Festival for a four-day showcase of risqué queer films and talks at The Red Rattler Theatre. Alongside a seriously sexy lineup of films, festival guests Courtney Trouble (US), Jack Sargeant, Zahra Stardust and others will be discussing the ever-expanding world of alt queer porn.



Thursday 31st October – OPENING NIGHT: Perv International Shorts Competition.
Doors 7pm/Start 7.30pm
Tickets $15/$10


Amber (Aven Frey, Gala Vanting & Frank Ly, Australia)

Best Slumber Party Ever (Samuel Shanahoy, USA)

Na Sua Companhia /By Your Side (Marcelo Caetano, Brazil)

Dear Jiz (Ms. Naughty, Australia)

Home (Toy Tool Committee, Spain)

Kaleidogasm 2 (Ms. Naughty, Australia)

Law and Order (Jan Soldat, Germany)

The One on the Bottom (Zahra Stardust, Australia)

Unicorn Gangbang (James Darling, USA)

Hailing from across Australia and around the world, the finalists in this year’s shorts competition bring you some of the hottest, funniest and most frank depictions of queer sex and sexuality produced in the last 2 years. 


What is feminist porn-1



Friday 1st November – Panel: Feminist Porn in Australia.
Doors 7.30pm/Start 8pm
Tickets $15/$10

Leading Australian feminist pornographers, Anna Brownfield, Ms Naughty, Gala Vanting and Zahra Stardust will discuss feminism, the adult industry, and the ins and outs of making feminist porn in Oz. The panel will be chaired by Kath Albury.

The Panelists:

Anna Brownfield is an award winning feminist erotic filmmaker who has gained extensive media attention for the originality of her work. Coming from an experimental and art film background, she has progressed towards narrative film while retaining a unique and highly arresting style. Her films explore strong female characters, female gaze, sex and sexuality. Her second feature, The Band screened at Cannes Film Market, opened the Berlin Porn Film Festival, and won ‘Hottest Feature’ at the Feminist Porn Awards 2010 in Canada. Making it Handmade is her first documentary, premiered at Melbourne International Film Festival 2010 and had its TV premiere on ABC2 in 2011. Currently, she is making a film about feminist pornography around the world entitled Doing it Her Way.

Ms. Naughty is a feminist porn filmmaker and writer. She has been making porn for women online since 2000. Her erotic films have screened at several international film festivals and her film Connections won an Honorable Mention at the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards. As a writer she has been editor and chief scribe at her site for ten years. She has a chapter detailing her work in The Feminist Porn Book, edited by Tristan Taormino et al and her fiction has featured in several editions of Best Women’s Erotica. She runs and blogs at

Gala Vanting is an award-winning erotic film producer, sex worker, educator, pleasure activist, and erotic imaginist based in Melbourne. She draws from a diverse background in the sexuality field and brings a conscious queer feminist approach to her work. Central to all of this is the core value of intimacy and a passion for manifesting desire. Gala has been internationally recognised as an erotic filmmaker with a Feminist Porn Award, a Petra Joy Award, and the Cinekink NYC Festival. To find out more about her work visit and

Zahra Stardust, is a queer vegan feminist porn performer, Penthouse Pet, award-winning stripper, magazine covergirl and pole dance instructor. Her titles include Best Adult Star Eros Shine Awards 2012, Miss Centrefold Oceania 2010 and Australian Pole Dance Doubles Champion (with Stacey Minx) 2009. Zahra has run for parliament 3 times for the Australian Sex Party for House of Representatives, Senate and Lord Mayor of Sydney, advocating for the decriminalisation of sex work and comprehensive sex education. During the day she works in policy for Scarlet Alliance, the Australian Sex Workers Association. She runs her own website, the Explicit Diary of Zahra Stardust,, and is currently undertaking a PhD on independent pornography in Australia, focusing on law, sexuality and regulation.


New Jack




Saturday 2nd November – Talk: Jack Sargeant on Transgressive Sexualities in Underground Film.
Doors 2pm/Start 2.30pm
Tickets $15/$10


Author, curator and cult film guru Jack Sargeant talks bodily fluids and transgressive sexualities in underground cinema. Drawing on films such as Aryan Kaganof’s Dead Man 2: Return of the Dead Man, Sargeant explores the abject erotic worlds of these subversive films.

Sargeant is a Sydney-based film critic, academic and festival programmer whose books include Deathtripping: The Cinema of Transgression and Naked Lens: Beat Cinema and Cinema Contra Cinema. Sargeant is also the director of Revelation Perth International Film Festival.






Saturday 2nd November – An Evening with Courtney Trouble.
Doors 6pm/Start 6.30pm
Tickets $15/$10


International festival guest and queer porn icon Courtney Trouble will screen scenes from some of her award winning films and sit down with Anna Brownfield to discuss her work within the alt queer porn scene. Trouble is a porn star, photographer and boundary-breaking pornographer. Over the last 10 years she has founded TROUBLEfilms,, and QueerPorn.TV and has directed 15 feature-length films. Trouble has won several Feminist Porn Awards (most recently, Hottest Dyke Film for Lesbian Curves) and has received many AVN nominations. Her films represent some of the most exciting and innovative work coming out of the fast growing alt queer porn movement.


In their Room London



Sunday 3rd November – CLOSING NIGHT: In Their Room London.
Doors 6pm/Start 6.30pm
Tickets $15/$10


Join us on closing night for two films from Travis Mathews’ acclaimed documentary series In Their Room. This ongoing project takes viewers into the bedrooms and (sex) lives of gay men living in San Francisco (2009), Berlin (2010) and London (2012). Described as “the visual equivalent to a BUTT magazine interview,” these films present thoughtful, sexy and exceedingly intimate portraits of their subjects, documenting some of the ways in which these men negotiate and experience desire, sex and intimacy.

Mathews is a multi-award winning San Francisco based filmmaker, whose work has screened at Berlinale, Frameline, Outfest and MIX Brasil. His recent work Interior. Leather Bar, a coproduction with James Franco, premiered at Sundance earlier this year.


Limited tickets to all sessions available at the door.

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