Short Film Awards 2015



Jury Award

been too long at the FAIR

Charles Lum & Todd Verow (USA)


Audience Vote

Support Your Local Pornographers

Toytool Comiteé (Spain)


Awards June 2012

Audience & Jury Award
Burqa Fantasy
Directed by Jordan (Australia)

Confessions of Father John Thomas
Directed by Elka Kerkhofs (Australia)

Gang Bang Barbie
Directed by Joanna Rytel (Sweden)

I Want Your Love
Directed by Travis Matthews (USA)

Little Piggy
Directed by Dozza (Austria)

L’amour et la violence
Directed by Toytool Committee (Spain)

Love You
Directed by Sean Barret (Australia)

Directed by Antonio da Silva (UK)

Mother of Pearl
Directed by Ewelina Aleksandrowicz & Andrzej Wojtas (Poland)

Directed by Romain Thibauld and Hedi Zammouri (Germany)

Poetics of Porn Experiment
Directed by Imogen Heath (Germany)

What Makes us Queer
Directed by Courtney Trouble (USA

Awards December 2009

Jury + Audience Award:

Directed by Marit Ostberg
16 min (Sweden)


The Apple
Directed by Emilie Jouvet
8 min (France)

Galactic Sex Wars
Directed by Robbie McEwan
14 min (Australia)

Frequent Traveller
Directed by Patricia Bateira
8 min (Portugal)

Directed by Sara Karman & Ester Martin
7 min (Sweden)

Directed by Wrik Mead
10 min (Canada)

What I Found in Great Aunt Nell’s Closet
Directed by Melissa Bouwman
2 min (USA)


Awards April 2009

Jury Award:

Boy Inchoate
Directed by Virginia Barratt
Australia / 2008 / 5 min






Audience Award:

Directed by Jackson Badger
Australia / 2009 / 9 min









The Vicious and the Delicious
Directed by Tonnette Stanford
Australia / 2008 / 12 min







The Devil’s Dairymaid
Directed by Kym Farmen
USA / 2008 / 8 min

A Good Fuck (Bonne Boure)
Directed by Florence Fradelizi
France / 2006 / 3 min

The Heartscrewer
Directed by Herve Joseph Lebrun.
France / 2006 / 17 min

Hole in the Wall
Directed by Torrie Blows
Australia / 2008 / 2 min







More is Less
Directed by Teresa Avila
Australia / 2008 / 4 min

Operated by Invisible Hands
Directed by Nicole Brending
USA / 2007 / 7 min

Picnic Affairs
Directed by Amy McMurtie
Australia / 2008 / 3 min

Directed by Damien Rae
USA / 2007 / 3 min

This is the Girl
Directed by Catherine Corringer
France / 2007 / 15 min